Would you like to learn:

  • A clearer mind and higher levels of performance.
  • The ability to effectively take the lead & create the results you want
  • Improved motivation, resilience and creativity
  • Learn to create greater rapport and communicate better.

Coaching with David

Are you interested in learning to overcome challenges and create the life you want? I can empower you to achieve your goals by helping you have more time at your best, greater confidence, and improve your ability to come up with creative solutions. You will learn to think more effectively and function more of the time at a higher state of mind. This will in turn allow you to have greater clarity, enable you to uncover what really matters to you and move forwards in your life

What my clients say:

“David is an excellent coach. In the context of my professional life he has helped me to clarify my thinking and develop a clear understanding of what is important to me. I actively recommend David’s support to my peers which is always a reliable sign of good service!”

– Sam Kotadia- MD Mindsport

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The best way for you to understand how I work and if I can help you is through a consultation

I also offer Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing is often used to describe good mental health. Those with good wellbeing are resilient, present and comfortable in their experience- they often feel happy or at ease. We can work together to help you to have greater wellbeing and a sense of ease in your life. You can expect to have more peace of mind and be less affected by stressful situations.

  • Have more time feeling centred, present and comfortable in yourself
  • Be impacted less by life’s ups and downs
  • Have greater resilience and less stress
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled in life

What my clients say:

“Working with David has meant I see a joy in life I have never been able to reach before. It has improved my relationship with myself, the world, and other people.”

– Elly 2016