Would you like to learn:

  • a cutting edge understanding of pain and fatigue based on the latest research.
  • to spend more time in the optimum healing state.
  • to respond to your symptoms & pain in ways that reduce stress & pain.
  • to have a deeper understanding of CFS/ME and how to recover from it.

Help reducing pain or with chronic health conditions

I can help you reduce pain, or recover from CFS/ME and other chronic health conditions, including fibromyalgia. Depending or your condition I will enable you to get a deeper understanding of healing, fatigue and or pain, which will lead to you spending more time in a healing state; this will allow your body to heal and recover. In addition, I can empower you to respond to your health condition in more resilient healthy ways, be more at ease in general, and feel less anxious or stressed; all of which can have a positive impact on physical symptoms, energy levels and help reduce pain.

Some of the people I have helped include those with

CFS and ME


Migraines or stress headaches,

IBS and Stomach Pain.

More about my approach

My approach is partly based on my training at the Optimum Health clinic who specialize treating people with CFS/ ME and Fibromyalgia. I combine this with the latest scientific research into pain and chronic physical symptoms, which is proven to help people to reduce their symptoms or pain.   A key piece in how I work also is a powerful understanding of wellbeing and resilience, which I have found a highly effective way to enable people to feel more at ease, resilient and less stressed. Having recovered from CFS and chronic pain myself, I also at times draw on my own insight into the recovery process.

What my clients say:

“I suffered from fatigue and constant pain in my hands and joints for years, with David’s support I was able to change this. I now only occasionally get joint pain and have gone from being able to work three days a week to five. I don’t see myself as a person with ME anymore!”
– Anna

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