“I would really recommend anyone to go and see David if they are suffering with anxiety or any other issue they are finding difficult…He really understands anxiety and has a light hearted and warm approach.”
– Lara”

Therapy for Anxiety

I can help you to stop struggling with anxiety, change how your think and to feel less anxious. You will learn how to have a calmer mind, and to think in more helpful ways about the challenges you face, your relationships, and the things that have happened. As this happens you will be more present, less anxious, and feel more at ease.

 Feel Calmer, and more comfortable in your own skin

– Stop struggling with anxiety or having panic attacks

– Be more resilient, present, and think more clearly

– Experienced Anxiety Therapist

Black and white David Bowerman; Therapist in Bristol

During this process, I will teach you how to think more calmly and to stop getting stuck in the same anxious thoughts and feelings. You can also expect to gain a deeper understanding of why you feel as you do and how to reduce anxiety. Book Free Consultation

My Approach as a Therapist to Anxiety

My approach as a therapist is guided by two leading psychologists and is focused on helping people navigate life in a more resilient way. One of the areas I specialise in is anxiety and panic attacks. I have helped people with many different forms of anxiety, including panic attacks, social anxiety, or generalized anxiety. I work as a therapist in Bristol or online via Skype, phone or Zoom

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In the therapy sessions, we will work first together to understand what is happening for you, then help you think differently and reduce your anxiety. We will explore what happens in your mind when you get anxious and what happens when you are effective and feel good. Understanding this will help you feel less anxious, stop having panic attacks and spend more time in a better state of mind. Together we would look at understanding human resilience, and the mind more deeply.

Learn More About Me

I trained in an innovative approach to therapy that combined elements of psychotherapy with newer methods including mindfulness. In recent years, I have been supported and mentored by two leading psychologists, Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Dr. Keith Blevens. My understanding of how people work psychologically has deepened; they have taught me how to more effectively help people change and support them as a therapist.

Experience as an Therapist

In the sessions, I draw on my experience of supporting people in many different circumstances as well as my own personal insights.  I used to struggle with life and have personally overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Over the last 8 years I have had the privilege to enable many people to do the same. This experience makes me very optimistic that anyone can learn to change, feel less anxious and have a happier experience of life.

Some of the people I have helped as a therapist include those struggling with:

  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • feeling anxious about everything
  • social anxiety
  • fear of flying and public speaking
  • stress and overwhelm
  • relationship anxiety
  • work anxiety
  • anxiety around physical intimacy

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The best way for you to understand how to help people as a therapist with anxiey and if I can help you is through a consultation.

“David has helped me see life in a completely different way. His very calm and sometimes humorous way of guiding sessions made me feel at ease completely. I’m so glad I found him to help me.” Lily