Three Principles Healing and Pain.

Three Principles Healing and Pain.david-bowerman

Would you like to

  Reduce pain, stress and feel more at ease

–  Spend more time in the optimum healing state

–  Learn a cutting-edge scientific understanding of pain and physical symptoms

–  Understand how the Three principles can help people with their physical health

–  Have support navigating an illness or help to recover from a chronic health condition


 I can help you to reduce pain, health-related stress and to spend more time in a healing state, which can enable your body to recover. We would explore how the Three Principles can specifically help chronic health and pain conditions and physical recovery.  I have found working with people with a range of health challenges exploring the principles in this way can have a powerful impact- it can allow people to respond to their condition in more resilient, healthy ways,  reduce symptoms, improve energy,  and even enable people to recover.
You would also gain a grasp of the latest research into pain and physical symptoms, which aligns perfectly with Three Principles understanding and has been scientifically proven to reduce or treat pain and empower people to live fuller lives.   Some of the conditions I have helped people with and to recover from include migraines, CFS/ ME, fibromyalgia, dizziness, tinnitus, and chronic back pain.
A little bit more about me
If we were to work together I would bring what I have learnt from helping people with various chronic conditions and my own insights having myself recovered from CFS and various chronic pain issues.  Alongside this,  I would draw from my training at an Optimum Health Clinic in London who specialize in treating people with chronic pain and fatigue conditions.  My foundation is the Three Principles though I am open to using anything that I feel will help you in your healing journey.

I suffered from fatigue and constant pain in my hands and joints for years, with David’s support I was able to change this. I now only occasionally get joint pain and have gone from being able to work three days a week to five. I don’t see myself as a person with ME anymore!” Anna

David Bowerman Coaching and Therapy in Bristol and via Skype