This man speaks from a real depth of understanding of how humans operate and of their true spiritual nature!! If you spend time with David you are in for a treat and your life may well be transformed” Dr Dicken Bettinger

The Three Principles Sessions

The Three Principles is a groundbreaking understanding of resilience and the mind. As people gain insight into how their minds work it helps them; they think more effectively, are more resilient, and feel happier. Our minds are at the center of everything we do, and understanding them more deeply can therefore help in all areas of life.

Through one to one sessions, I can help you begin to get a grasp of the principles or support you in deepening your understanding. My approach has been guided by both Dr Dicken Bettinger and Dr Keith Blevens over a number of years. I often also explore the principles as a coach, mentor or therapist depending on what the individual needs. We can do sessions in person in Bristol or via Skype or phone. 

Become more present and have a clearer mind.

Navigate life with greater ease, and effectiveness

Feel more connected to life and yourself

Reduce stress, anxiety and be more resilient

Deepen your understanding of the 3 Principles

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In the sessions we would explore together the Three principles in different ways whilst also looking at how they apply directly to you and the challenges you face.   As you discover more about your resilience and mind, the more present and at ease you will become; in other words, you will spend more time in a higher state of mind. This will lead to you to having greater clarity, new perspectives and the ability to overcome your own challenges.  You will also discover how this understanding can improve different areas of your life, including your relationships, your performance at work, and your emotional wellbeing.

Over the last seven years I have immersed myself in the understanding and have done numerous trainings with leading practitioners including  Lynda and George Pransky.  I have also been mentored by Dr Dicken Bettinger and received guidance from Dr Keith Blevens. Their mentoring has helped gain a deeper understanding of the principles and how to more effectively facilitate change and insight in the people I work with.

“As well as what seemed to me to be his very thorough and sure grounding in the Three Principles, an invaluable benefit of meeting with David in was the opportunity to experience the feeling of a settled mind, mental clarity and lightheartedness during our
conversations so that my learning was experiential rather than theoretical.” Lucy

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