We can work together to help you think  and feel better,  and to respond  in more helpful ways.  I will empower you to be more resilient, to have a greater ability to find your own answers, and navigate your own way through difficult circumstances.  The people I help include those struggling with life or relationships as well as those wanting to overcome a range of emotional challenges, such as anxiety, addiction and depression.

  Feel happier, more comfortable in your own skin and have greater self-esteem

–  Have less time feeling down and disconnected

–  Be more resilient, and able to solve your own problems

–  Improve your relationships, communication & learn how to deal with difficult people

–  Overcome anxiety and panic attacks

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Through the process, you will develop new more helpful ways of thinking and will have greater clarity. As this happens, you will feel better in yourself, your spirits will lift and you will feel less anxious and more at ease. When you have a clearer mind you have a different experience of life. When you are thinking more clearly it is easier to resolve things in life and in your relationships. You will make better choices and respond in resilient ways to challenging situations 

“I used to suffer badly from anxiety and often get stuck feeling down. Since working with David, I don’t get down in that way and have learned to let go of my low moods. As a result my anxiety is at all time low and I am able to do more than ever.”  Helen


 David Bowerman Therapy and Coaching via skype and in Bristol

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