Therapy Testimonials

David is a great therapist and coach, always happy to work with whatever you throw at him, always compassionate and insightful. Quite simply, my life is better as a result of working with him.” Sam

” During my final year at Oxford university I had to drop out due to severe anxiety and depression, after a few weeks of regular sessions with David I began to experience profound shifts in my thinking, well-being and resilience. With his help I was able to resume my studies the following year and successfully complete my degree. ” Tom

“David is great at what he does. Through first-hand experience and genuine empathy he creates a space in which people can truly be themselves. He helped me to get my head around some difficult thoughts and feelings. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking to get a new perspective on life and / or break free from habitual patterns of behaviour.” Jess

“Having spent time with other counsellors and therapists and felt frustrated at lack of progress, David was a breath of fresh air. He immediately made me feel at ease with intelligence and humour, while challenging me to think differently. Working with David has had a positive impact on my life and I would wholeheartedly endorse his services.” James

” I used to suffer badly from anxiety and often got stuck feeling down. Since working with David, I don’t get down in that way and have learned to let go of my low moods. As a result my anxiety is at all time low and I am able to do more than ever. David’s sessions have been absolutely transformational, I would highly recommend him as both a therapist and life coach.” Helen

“As a 24 year old lad,I was very hesitant about therapy as I didn’t really understand it and how it worked. After meeting with David, I realised what a down to earth and approachable person he is. We can talk about literally anything at ease and have adapted the sessions to my daily needs. Would highly recommend it to anyone struggling or wanting to improve their mental state.” Alex” Jena

” I am proud to say that therapy with David helped me to become a better version of myself. Coming to his sessions has definitely improved my life.” Pavla

“Having had sessions with David for only 4 months, friends and family have remarked on the positive impact it’s had on me. I first contacted David for help with anxiety and already feel so much more empowered in situations that would have normally sent me into a spin. His sessions are structured but informal with a two way discussion which I really valued. The best bit for me is that I have learnt something so simple but so powerful that I can build on myself as I go through life and have more experiences. I couldn’t recommend David as a therapist and his work more highly.” Charlotte

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