Overcome Anxiety: Therapy

David Bowerman, Three Principles Coaching and Therapy BristolWould you like to

Become less anxious and feel more at ease?

– Stop getting stuck in the same anxious ways of thinking and feeling?

– Learn to deal with situations that make you feel anxious in calmer ways?

– Feel more resilient, in control and comfortable in your own skin?

– Stop having panic attacks and overcome your anxiety?

I can help you reduce your anxiety, to think more calmly and to feel more at ease in your life. You will learn how to have a clearer mind and think in calmer ways about situations that make you feel anxious. As this happens you will feel more in control, resilient and comfortable in yourself.  You can also expect to stop getting stuck in the same anxious thoughts and feelings, and see life in life in a much more positive light.

I am a therapist who specialises in helping with anxiety, whose approach is guided by two leading psychologists. Having overcome my own anxiety and helped many people with a whole range of anxieties, including social anxiety, panic attacks do the same, I am confident I can help you. I work via Skype, phone and in person in Bristol.


In sessions, we would work together to help you have a clearer mind,  new perspectives and ways of thinking and to be more resilient. We would also explore what happens in people’s minds when they get anxious and what happens when they feel calm. Understanding this will help you to reduce your anxiety and to feel happier. Over a number of years, I have been supported by two leading psychologists, Dr Dicken Bettinger and Dr Keith Blevens.  They have helped me understand anxiety more deeply and how to change our anxious thoughts. 

In my sessions, I draw on my experience of having helped many people with countless different kinds of anxiety as well as my own personal insight into anxiety and how to overcome it. I used to be acutely anxious most of the time and have panic attacks. These days I only get anxious on a rare occasion and feel at ease most of the time. This experience makes me very optimistic that anyone can learn to be less anxious.

“Having worked with David, I am now in a completely different place – I no longer have panic attacks, I’m no longer sick with worry, and negative thinking no longer dominates my life! […] I am far happier and far more at peace than I can remember being – my outlook on life has been completely revitalised.” Sian

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