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A Clearer Mind, New Perspectives
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- More time performing at your best, your own answers.

-  Feeling more secure, happy and present

- Be more resilient or impacted less by life's ups and downs-

- Greater creativity, clarity and motivation.
Are you interested in being more secure, effective and feeling happier in yourself? When I coach, I help people learn to have a clearer mind, greater resilience and wellbeing.  Wellbeing is used to describe good mental health. Those with good wellbeing are resilient, secure, and effective- they often feel happy or at ease

Wellbeing and resilience empower people to think and perform better. In turn, this helps them to move forwards, deal with challenging situations and create the lives they want. If people feel more secure and resilient even when faced with life's challenges they are far freer to give their best and succeed.
"Resilience is not being bound by circumstances or the past" Valder Monroe
"Working with David has been incredibly impactful on me. He is constantly a calm, insightful presence,.. Since working with David, I have found myself more able to live "in the moment", my negative thoughts about my career and being a musician have dropped away"

Mathew Parkinson

"David is an excellent coach... David has helped me to clarify my thinking and develop a clear understanding of what is important to me. I'm able to make healthier choices in my life that benefit myself and my community. 

Sam Kotadia

M D Mindsport 
Therapy and Coaching
Wellbeing, Hamilton house, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY