David Bowerman Coaching and Therapy
My approach is all about empowering the people I support in the most effective way I can. I have for my entire adult life searched to find the most powerful ways to help people to have greater peace of mind, feel better in themselves, and to fulfil their potential.  In this search, I trained as a coach and in an therapeutic approach that combined elements psychotherapy with new methods including mindfulness and NLP.  In recent years my approach has been supported by two leading psychologists who taught me a new understanding of how people work psychologically.

Now the foundation of how I work is a new understanding of resilience and wellbeing. From my experience, there are explanations behind why some people are happy, resilient and successful or are able to heal physically, which can help us achieve the same things. This makes me very optimistic and even confident that people can change, move forward in their lives,  spend more time in better state of mind and think more clearly.

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Through working with people from many different backgrounds, I have seen this approach enable people to have happier, more successful lives and overcome a whole range of challenges, including getting stuck in difficult feelings and thoughts. This understanding is known by different names, including the Clarity model, Health Realisation and the Three Principles. Dr Dicken Bettinger (one of the leading practitioners in the field) mentored me over a number of years and am now being supported in my development by Dr Keith Blevens. If you have any questions about how I work or my training feel free to contact me or arrange a free chat.

“David is a great therapist and coach, always happy to work with whatever you throw at him, always compassionate and insightful. Quite simply, my life is better as a result of working with him.” Sam 2018

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