When coaching or supporting someone my aim is always to empower them. Through working with me, my clients learn to find their own ways forward and to live lives full of ease and wellbeing.  I am a results focused coach and therapist whose approach is about helping my clients in most effective way I can improve how they think, feel and perform or to heal. From my experience, there are explanations behind why some people are happy, resilient and successful or are able to heal physically, which can help us achieve the same things.

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In order to find the most powerful ways to help people I have trained in and used many different techniques and approaches. Now the foundation of my work as a coach or as a therapist is a new understanding of resilience, wellbeing and performance. Through working with people from many walks of life, I have seen this approach enable people to change how they feel,  to think more freely, to help them heal, and to have happier, more successful lives. This understanding is known by different names, including the Clarity model, Health Realisation and the Three Principles.

Dr Dicken Bettinger (one of the leading practitioners in the field) mentored me over a number of years and am now being supported in my development Dr Keith Blevens. If you have any questions about how I work or my training feel free to contact me or arrange a free chat.

David Bowerman Coaching and Therapy

“He talks to me on a level and is very warming. I feel totally comfortable when expressing my feelings to him….He has shown me how to really live my life to the full in the “now” and not to worry about things that could potentially and probably will never happen.” Adam

 David Bowerman Therapy and Coaching Bristol