Anxiety Testimonials: Coaching and Therapy

Anxiety Testimonials


“I used to suffer badly from anxiety and often got stuck feeling down. Since working with David, I don’t get down in that way. As a result my anxiety is at all time low and I am able to do more than ever. David’s sessions have been absolutely transformational, I would highly recommend him as both a therapist and life coach.” Helen 2016

“When I began working with David I was acutely anxious and depressed, having to suspend my studies at University. Initially I was sceptical and closed, but under David’s guidance , I started to see life differently and  was able to complete my degree and throw myself into life with a new resilience. In my sessions with David no matter how dark a place I was in psychologically, I would always come out feeling  lighter and more connected to life.” James 2016


“I have always struggled to discuss my weaknesses and insecurities with other people. An anxious disposition and propensity to over analyze matters does not help either. David calm, understanding and sometimes lightly humored approach made me feel instantly at ease. I have felt calmer, more productive and more content within myself. I have David to thank for that.” James 2015

“Working with David has meant I see a joy in life I have never been able to reach before. I used to have regular anxiety attacks, now I rarely get them, if ever. Talking with him has improved my relationship with myself, the world, and other people.” Elly 2015

“Doing sessions with David has absolutely transformed my life. Before I worked with him, I really struggled with Anxiety, I was physically sick a lot of the time because of it, I was having panic attacks regularly, and I wasn’t really spending time with my friends or doing the things that I used to enjoy. I had completed a course of CBT but hadn’t seen much improvement and the Anxiety still dominated pretty much all areas of my life.

Having worked with David, I am now in a completely different place – I no longer have panic attacks, I’m no longer sick with worry, and negative thinking no longer dominates my life! The peace that working with David has brought to my life is incredible – not only do I no longer struggle with anxious thoughts, but I am far happier and far more at peace than I can ever remember being – my outlook on life has been completely revitalised.” Sian 2017

“David has helped me so much over he last four years – it started with my severe anxiety and over thinking. now he also helps coach me in all aspects of my life from Trying to make it in the DJ scene to my business, his ability to talk to you on a level and help you understand your thinking is amazing !” Adam 2018


“I work as a painter and decorator and usual work solely on my own, over the past years (more noticeably more in the last 2/3 years) I found myself becoming very anxious, stressed and generally on edge at work. Sometimes i would be close to tears and become very emotional. I found that i was overthinking and creating unlikely fantasies in my head all day every day at work. Or at anytime on my own It was driving me into almost depressed state of mind and was effecting my every day-to-day life.

I’m a very confident person but my mind would lead me into constantly over thinking things; from my girlfriend cheating on me, creating arguments with friends, money worries, people not liking me, where my life was going and what it’s purpose is and so on, basically anything that really wasn’t worth thinking about i thought about, repeatedly, all day every day. Since i started seeing Dave back in Jan 2013 i can safely say it has totally changed my life.

He’s techniques of teaching are fantastic. He talks to me on a level and is very warming I feel totally comfortable when expressing my feelings to him. He’s amazingly easy to listen to and totally understands where you are coming from, He doesn’t over complicate anything, and when he explains about thinking it’s very easy to understand. He has shown me how to really live my life to the full in the “now” and not to worry about things that could potentially and probably will never happen.” Adam 2014